What does ‘investing’ mean?

Everyone passively hears the term ‘Investing’ but do you really know what it means? Do you ignore it because you think it doesn’t apply to you? Investing is available for anyone. You invest blindly every day by pumping money into your basic bank accounts, which ironically, gives you a poor return on your money but yet they use it to invest worldwide. Investing is really about “working smarter and not harder.” Most of us work hard at our jobs, whether for a company or our own business. We often work long hours, which requires sacrifice and adds stress. Taking some of our hard-earned money and investing for our future needs, is a way to make the most of what we earn and set us up for our futures.

Investing is also about making priorities for your money. Spending is easy and gives instant gratification—whether the splurge is on a new outfit, a vacation to some exotic spot or dinner in a fancy restaurant. All of these are wonderful and make life more enjoyable, but investing requires prioritising our financial futures over our present desires.

Investing is a way to set aside money while you are busy with life and have that money work for you so that you can fully reap the rewards of your labor in the future. Investing is a means to a happier ending.

Who can be an investor?

Investor? Someone with lots of money rolling round in a Bentley… Although that would be pretty sweet the simple answer is anyone can be an investor. We try to promote a relaxed and friendly approach when it comes to investing rather than it being daunting. Everyone wants to make money and unfortunately, within the current climate, banks just don’t really do it anymore. At best you’ll receive 1-3% (see graph below) on your savings which in hindsight isn’t really going to give you the opportunity to have some spare to put towards holidays or that dream house your endlessly saving up for.

I mean you could potentially get a higher paying percentage but you’ll have to dig around for schemes that may want to tie you in for a long period of time. Here at ‘Your Space’ we can offer 5% as a opening percentage and reach up to 10% for bigger investments. So for example £15,000 in your current bank is likely to accumulate £150 for the year, okay fair enough £150 is a £150, money you didn’t have right? But imagine having the same money making 5 times more, how does £750 sound instead? For again doing… nothing! To me, I know what i’d rather do. The bigger the investment the bigger the return and an opportunity to keep reinvesting the same lump sum to create big returns for you doing absolutely nothing. Don’t sound too bad right?

If you want to get started get in touch with us, we can work out an investment term and figure what suits you and gets you the best return for your circumstances! Well then, what you waiting for? Your money doesn’t grow on trees but we can for sure make it grows in our space…