So you have been saving for a while or you have come into some money? this can be extremely overwhelming letting this sit in your bank account doing nothing. Do you spend it? Keep it? Or invest it? Investing your money means you get to do all 3. Invest the capital, which won’t depreciate, so ‘keeping’ your original capital and then when the interest comes rolling in, you can go spend it without touching your original amount. However investing can be a scary concept to some, putting your money into someone’s business can be daunting, but putting your money into something you can’t see, touch or understand is even more daunting. Here at ‘Your Space’ we invest in property, so tangible assets you can see and understand. We take every precaution to keep your money safe. How? you ask. Well lets take you through…

We work with a highly skilled set of accountants and solicitors that understands our business and have years of experience with property. Legal contracts will be drawn up and all conditions for your money and term of investment will be discussed before any exchange of money takes place. To make the deal worthwhile you can invest from £10000 which will allow you to gain a minimum of £500 annually as interest.

It has been repeatedly shown that property is always going to increase in value over time. Current trends highlight that house prices increase year by year. As you can see below this is the incline of house prices from 2005 to 2018, as you can see from November 2017 to November 2018 there was an increase of £7000 alone.


Therefore we use this to our advantage and buy properties at below market value, to create instant equity, then complete a high quality refurb and get the property re-mortaged at the new done up value. This allows us to take money out of the property to pay back investors with their original sum and interest, alongside profit which is then put into our next project. We also ensure our property portfolio is built on high performing assets and is diverse in size and type of properties. This ensures that we are always spreading any risk as much as possible. To enhance security further, we put buildings insurance in place as soon as the property is purchased.

So if you ask us, your money couldn’t be any safer, as you are investing in a tangible asset, which as time has show, will only ever increase in value. If you would like to learn more or still have some questions. Please do not hesitate to get in touch and we’d be more than happy to answer anything you have to ask.

Thanks, Team Yourspace.