How to save, spend and make money, all in one go…

Things crop up in day to day life and we all want to protect our savings – however sometimes we have to ‘dip’ into them for unforeseen reasons – below highlights a few common extras that you may stumble across throughout the year. We are going to demonstrate how, by investing, you can still have these unforeseen outgoings, protect your savings and, even better, make money on top! Investing can be for everyone, not just the wealthy and those with high earnings.

As you can see, with your mainstream banking ISA’s you will be earning on average 1% on your £50,000 savings. This will make you approximately £2447.52 over 5 years, when you take into consideration your outgoings that are unavoidable. This leaves you with £46,947.52 in your savings account, a decrease over over £3000.

If you invested the same sum of £50,000, with us, then we would offer 7% interest. This would make you approximately £13,863.97 over 5 years and this takes into consideration the same unavoidable outgoings as above. This leaves you with a total of £63,863.97, a massive £17, 000 difference . You will have made money, whilst spending and saving all at the same time.

Now who’s to say that investing isn’t for you?

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