We have exciting news that we have partnered up with a local charity!

A little about the charity…

Sight Support Derbyshire works with local children and adults who are blind or partially sighted to help them face the everyday challenges of living with sight loss.

We have chosen to support Sight Support Derbyshire as they give support to more than 6700 in the last 3 years and have helped over 4000 visually impaired through resource centres in the last two years. It is known that 250 people loose their sight everyday which is a large percentage which indicates this is a growing problem. We have pledged that we will donate 1% out of our own pocket of any investment we get through our business.

We are intending to join in – in charity events which are being hosted throughout the year and proposing on creating some ourselves to help encourage growth within this charity and ourselves as a business.

Keep your eyes peeled for future events!