Invest with us

Invest with us

We work with a wide variety of people to make them higher rates of interest than UK banks. If you are interested in making your money work for you, please get in touch and see what we can currently offer.

The table below shows typical interest rates we are able to offer, but please contact us for our current offers.

Amount InvestedInterest Earnt 
£10k - £30k5%
£31k - £49k6%
£50k - £69k7%
£70k - £89k8%
£90k - £99k9%
£100k +10%

Payment Terms Available

6 Month
12 Month
12 Month + Compound Interest Available




We use private investor’s capital to purchase distressed properties in areas of high demand. We aim to add significant value through refurbishment, completed by our experienced development team. All of our properties are purchased having established two exit strategies that work; to generate a strong rental income or sold with a significant capital profit.



Investment funds are used in the purchase of a property at below market value.

Funds are then used in the development of the property in accordance with the relevant strategy.

Upon completion, a new valuation is obtained on the newly developed property at the higher market value.


A 75% mortgage is placed on the property at the new market value or the property is sold for the new market value.

The property is rented out or sold.

Investors are paid back their initial investment amount along with the agreed interest at the end of the agreed investment term.

Debbie Allen
Debbie Allen
16:06 23 Jul 20
Invested part of my pension lump sum with property space solutions. Very thorough and professional with regards to all the details and paperwork. Good contact on how the company is doing and the projects they are working on. Excellent return on my investment haven’t seen anyone else that’s gives such a higher return. Would thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking to invest for a high return. Definitely would invest again and can’t recommend them highly enough for their services. Thankyou so much.
Lynda Raven
Lynda Raven
02:14 30 Apr 20
What a great team at Your Space Property Solutions. They invest your money wisely to not only provide you with a good rate of interest, they also create fantastic homes for people to rent. The company also support a local charity, Sight Support Derbyshire and regularly donate a percentage of their income, as well as taking part in fundraising activities too.I can’t recommend them highly enough, they offer a fantastic opportunity to investors and future tenants alike. Honesty and Integrity, great business ethics.“If you want to grow your money tree, invest with Your Space Property”
Kimberley Rose McCabe
Kimberley Rose McCabe
12:32 22 Apr 20
I have invested my savings into Your Space for almost a year and a half now. The interest I have received has been incredible and has beaten what any banks could ever offer me. Your Space team has been great to work with also and have kept me informed as to what my money has been used for. It is great knowing I am helping towards run down houses get brightened up and helping families to get affordable homes. investing money with Your Space is a no brainer and I highly recommend to anyone