Your Space Property Group

Your Space Property Solutions was founded in 2018 and has since grown into Your Space Property Group – a group of companies that work together to provide property investments and developments services.

Invested part of my pension lump sum with property space solutions. Very thorough and professional with regards to all the details and paperwork. Good contact on how the company is doing and the projects they are working on. Excellent return on my investment haven’t seen anyone else that’s gives such a higher return. Would thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking to invest for a high return. Definitely would invest again and can’t recommend them highly enough for their services. Thankyou so much.
Debbie Allen
Debbie Allen
16:06 23 Jul 20
What a great team at Your Space Property Solutions. They invest your money wisely to not only provide you with a good rate of interest, they also create fantastic homes for people to rent. The company also support a local charity, Sight Support Derbyshire and regularly donate a percentage of their income, as well as taking part in fundraising activities too.I can’t recommend them highly enough, they offer a fantastic opportunity to investors and future tenants alike. Honesty and Integrity, great business ethics.“If you want to grow your money tree, invest with Your Space Property”
Lynda Raven
Lynda Raven
02:14 30 Apr 20
We at No1 Rooms manage Donna, Katie and Sammie’s HMO portfolio in Derby. What a wonderful team they are, such kind and caring landlords and especially in times like these going that extra mile ensuring their tenants feel safe and secure in their accommodation.What a fabulous team, really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for them 💥Rob & the No1 Rooms Team
Rob S Marr
Rob S Marr
16:31 22 Apr 20
I have invested my savings into Your Space for almost a year and a half now. The interest I have received has been incredible and has beaten what any banks could ever offer me. Your Space team has been great to work with also and have kept me informed as to what my money has been used for. It is great knowing I am helping towards run down houses get brightened up and helping families to get affordable homes. investing money with Your Space is a no brainer and I highly recommend to anyone
Kim Rose
Kim Rose
12:32 22 Apr 20


We work with a wide variety of people to make them higher rates of interest than UK banks. If you are interested in making your money work for you, get in touch and see what we can offer.

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Using your search criteria our sourcing agents find the right property to purchase with the best deal and at the right price. We manage the entire process from initial consultation to closing the deal and completion. Our developments team can then take over to bring the property up to regulation ready for you to let or resell.

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Design & Build

We pride ourselves on being able to take the stress out of dealing with multiple contacts offering you one point of contact with weekly updates. We handle all relationships with structural surveyors, building control and any other external companies involved allowing for as much or as little involvement as you like.

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Your Space Property Group - Investments
Your Space Property Group - Investments17 hours ago


Finally got these 2 properties over the line 🏘

Exciting project coming up 🤩

Take a look around look around and find out what we have planned for these 2 amazing...

Your Space Property Group - Investments
Your Space Property Group - Investments
Your Space Property Group - Investments2 days ago

🗒✏ Running Numbers ✏🗒

Our sourcing agents run their numbers several times before putting in an offer 💷

This is crucial to ensure
🔸️ that a deal stacks
🔸️ that it meets the needs of the client

Your Space Property Group - Investments
Your Space Property Group - Investments5 days ago

Completion day 🍾

Today we finally collected the keys to the property next door! 🔑

It's been a long wait to get this one over the line, but we finally have the keys to both these huge properties...

Your Space Property Group - Investments
Your Space Property Group - Investments6 days ago


When buying an investment property always ensure you have multiple exit strategies🚪

What do we mean by this?

An exit stragergy means what you plan to do with the property after purchase, so retain...

Your Space Property Group - Investments
Your Space Property Group - Investments7 days ago

Opportunities lie around every corner 🚀

Great day in Manchester today, building relationships and meeting new clients 🤝🏻

#YSPG #Investforabetterfuture

Your Space Property Group - Investments
Your Space Property Group - Investments1 week ago

Ever considered investing❓

You don't have to own property to make money from it 💷🏡

At Your Space we have a 'hands off' option that sees returns of up to 10% for our investors 🙌